Ressources for software architects

arc42 supports software- and system architects. It is based upon practical experience of many architecture projects of different sizes and domains. It includes feedback of its many users.

arc42 contains a template for development, documentation and communication of software architectures.

arc42 fits arbitrary technologies and tools.

arc42 therefore ensures better software- and system architectures.

Together with
arc42 we propose a lightweight set of activities (process) for effective construction and development of software architectures.

You can use
arc42 for free, even for commercial applications. We are happy when you quote us.
Issues or Feature Requests?
Please help us to improve arc42: Tell us about issues and feature requests in our BitBucket issue tracker.!
New in version 6.0
  • moved typical patterns to "concepts"
  • improved interface template
  • improved stakeholder list
  • cleaned up the concepts chapter
  • numerous bug fixes

  • finally: moved the template to a Confluence wiki
New: Spanish version

date last published: Dec-3rd-2012, by GernotS from Munic